Sr. Cynthia Shaffer, SND



About Me


BA from Morehead State University in Kentucky

MA from Bowling Green State University in Ohio

Post-graduate studies


I have had the opportunity to apply my extensive educational background in both teaching and administration in schools in Ohio, Indiana and Florida.  During my five years as a missioner in Papua New Guinea, I was the administrator of a girls' high school. I treasure my experiences with the people and the culture of that  beautiful country. I have ministered at the Guardian Catholic Schools since 2008, serving at both Holy Rosary and St. Pius V Schools and then at Guardian Catholic since it opened in 2017. I have a strong belief in the transforming power of Catholic education, and I am blessed to be a part of the Guardian Catholic community.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help each student attain their potential through high quality Catholic education in a Christ-centered environment that inspires each of us to think, learn, achieve, pray and serve our communities.