When you have accepted the school's offer of admission, you will receive an email giving you directions on how to complete Enrollment online.  During enrollment, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Health Form DH 3040
  2. Immunization Form DH 680 that is not expired. This form is required for all new students and must be updated for the shots required for students entering the 7th grade.
  3. VPK Certificate for students entering PK4; parents must sign the certificate when you give it to office staff.
  4. Scholarship award letters if you have received them. If you do not have them yet at the time of Enrollment, please provide the Award letter to office staff as soon as you get it.


If you are unable to scan and upload the required documents as you complete Enrollment, please put a clear and readable copy of your documents in a clearly marked envelope and put it in the gray, secure mailbox on the driveway near the Administration building.  If you need assistance with making copies of your documents, you may come to the school office.  Masks, a temp check, and a brief COVID screen are required for visitors to the office.


Please be advised that pictures of documents taken on a phone are not acceptable. 


Your Enrollment and final admission to Guardian Catholic is complete when the required documents have been provided.